Kevin Sturn

For Outagamie County Executive

These days, “politics” is a dirty word.  Is there any wonder?   The name-calling.  The phony promises.  The outright lies.  If you’re like me, you have to ask, how does anything get done?

I know of only one way:  By hard work.  I’m committed to putting in the time and uniting people toward one goal: Making Outagamie County the best place in Wisconsin.

I’ll focus on managing operations, not playing politics.  I’ll leave the politics to the folks in Madison and Washington.

The work starts with fiscal responsibility.  I learned valuable lessons as Chairman of the Outagamie County Finance Committee and I’m confident I can bring that experience to the job.

During my time as Finance Chair, I helped the county through the complex budget process and found ways to lower property taxes.  I believe elected officials owe fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.

Together we will maintain what we have and improve where we can. Getting this done is a big job and I can’t do it alone. Together we can.  I need your help.  I’m running for the office of Outagamie County Executive and I’m asking for your vote.  Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and support. I sincerely appreciate it.


The mission of the Office of the Outagamie County Executive is to provide administrative leadership, supervision and direction for all county operating departments and programs, to exercise administrative control of the county budget and to participate in the county legislative process

The county executive is elected to a four-year term. Since it is a non-partisan office (candidates do not run under party designation) the election is held in the Spring.
The duties and powers of the county executive are detailed in Chapter 59 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

The county executive’s duties and powers include:
Coordinating and directing the administrative and management functions of the county government
Appointing and supervising county department heads
Appointing the members of boards and commissions

Willing to Listen

Ready to Work