I’m a farmer in Outagamie County.  I raised my family here. I started a business here.  I’m proud to be part of this community.

Farming is a difficult profession.  It requires dedication, attention to detail and most of all, action. Farming is about getting it done.

Government isn’t that different.  Managing an operation like Outagamie County takes focus and perseverance.  I served on the Outagamie County Board for nearly a decade, including four years as chairman of its Finance Committee.  It’s not glamorous work, but it’s important.

It’s also educational. When I chaired the Finance Committee, I learned about every component of the county, from recycling to law enforcement, from the airport to Plamann Park, Brewster Village and to the maintenance of our roads and bridges.  Outagamie is a great county because great people work here.  I understand the value of recruiting, retaining and developing talent.

Managing the operations of the county will not be without challenges. Today’s job market is competitive.  It’s the responsibility of the County Executive to put the best people in the best place to do the best job. In other words, to give the taxpayers their money’s worth.

A good executive is a good listener.  Respecting the ideas of others is important, especially when working with the Board of Supervisors.  They are the peoples’ representatives and their voices count.  I built a reputation as a good listener and I’m eager to put that reputation to work as County Executive.

The future is full of challenges, but it also presents opportunities.  Rising to challenges and seizing opportunities will take work and dedication, but I’m up to it.  It’s time to put away politics and get down to business. Let’s get it done.