Clint Kriewaldt – Outagamie County Sheriff
Corey Besaw – Outagamie County Sheriff Chief Deputy Sheriff
Brad Gehring – Outagamie County Sheriff (retired)

Barb Bocik – Outagamie County Clerk of Courts
Sarah Van Camp – Outagamie County Register of Deeds
Jack Anderson – Village Board Greenville President
Andy Peters – Greenville Village Board Trustee
Joe Schumacher – Town of Ellington Chairman
Doug Wunderlich – Town of Dale Chairman
Chad Degal – Town of Dale Supervisor-Fire Chief
Nancy Willenkamp – Town of Hortonia Supervisor #1
Al Kaddatz – Town of Ellington 2nd Supervisor
Joe Vermiglio – Town of Ellington 1st Supervisor
Chad Degal – Town of Dale Supervisor-Town of Dale Fire Chief
Amanda Dietrich – Former Wisconsin Assembly Representative-Appleton
Tim Higgins – ChiRho Services
Andy Peters – Greenville Village Board Trustee
Jack Voight – Retired Outagamie County Treasurer
Nancy Willenkamp – Town of Hortonia Supervisor #1

Jeff Nooyen
County Board Chair

Robert “Toby” Paltzer
County Executive – 1999 – 2011

Helen Nagler
Board Chair – 2010-12, 2014-16

Judy Schutte
Board Chair – 2012-14

Nadine Miller – Finance Committee Chair

Katrin Patience – Public Safety Committee Chair

Dean Culbertson – Airport, Property Recreation & Economic Development Committee Chair

Deb Vander Heiden – Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning & Land Conservation Committee Chair

Cathy Spears – Legislative Audit & Human Resources Committee Chair

Joe Guidote – Outagamie County Corporation Counsel (retired)

Letters of Endorsement

Outagamie County Board

Curt Konetzke – Legislative Audit & Human Resources Committee Vice-Chair

Lee Hammen – Airport Property Recreation & Economic Development Committee Vice-Chair

Dan Rettler – Agriculture Extension Education Zoning & Land Conservation Committee Vice-Chair

Christine Lamers – Public Safety Committee Vice-Chair

Dennis Clegg-Outagamie County Supervisor, District 31

Dan Melchert – Outagamie County Supervisor, District 35

Ron Klemp – Outagamie County Supervisor, District 23/Town of Center Board Supervisor

Bob Buchman Retired Outagamie County Supervisor-Hortonville

Don DeGroot Retired Outagamie County Supervisor-Little Chute

Yvonne Monfils Outagamie County Supervisor District 28

Keith Suprise Retired Outagamie County Supervisor-Shiocton

Pete Marcks Retired Outagamie County Supervisor-Appleton

Mike Thomas Retired Outagamie County Supervisor-Appleton

Chris Croatt-Outagamie County Finance Committee Vice Chair

Justin Krueger- Outagamie County Health and Human Services Committee Vice Chair

Karen Lawrence- Outagamie County Supervisor District 8

Rick Laughtenschlager- Outagamie County Supervisor District 36

Jason Wegand- Outagamie County Supervisor District 13

Sarah Weinberg- Outagamie County Supervisor District 26

Jayson Winterfeldt- Outagamie County Supervisor District 29

Dan Grady-Retired Outagamie County Supervisor Appleton