The Sturn Family Lives In
Greenville Wisconsin

THE STURN FAMILYI’m an ordinary guy.  I work hard to be a good husband and a good father. My family and my community are my priority.

I pay my bills by farming, driving school bus for the Hortonville School District, and plowing roads for the Town of Ellington.

Our children graduated from Hortonville High School.  Raising them in Outagamie County kept my wife Lisa and me busy with sports and other activities. We are members at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Greenville.

Prior to choosing to farm full-time with my family, I worked for a local graphics company. I started at an entry level position and through hard work and dedication was promoted to Operations Manager. I saw my co-workers as a second family. This experience showed me a team can be successful by working together and supporting each other.

I understand how the operations of Outagamie County run and the complexity of the budget process.  I served four years as the Finance Committee Chairman. Under my leadership, the Finance Committee adhered to the principles of communication, cooperation, and compromise. The use of these three critical administrative components created a successful process that produced responsible budgets. I’m proud of the work we did together as a committee.

I’m more comfortable working than campaigning. I enjoy meeting and talking with new people.  I may forget a name or two (Lisa says I need to work on that) but I’m good with faces and I remember the things people tell me. I am a good listener. I look forward to meeting anyone who’s interested in making Outagamie County a better place to live.

I want the best for Outagamie County. That’s why I’m running.  We live in a great part of Wisconsin. People I’ve been talking with want to sustain the quality of life to which we’re accustomed. They would also like to improve it where we can. These goals can be accomplished if we work together to achieve them.