Kevin Sturn


Outagamie County Executive

Willing to Listen

Ready to Work

Focused on Managing the Operations of Outagamie County Not the Politics of Madison and Washington D.C.
Fiscally Responsible. Eight years of Service on the Outagamie County Board Finance Committee, four years as the Outagamie County Board Finance Committee Chairman.
Innovative Solutions based on Communication, Cooperation, and Increasing Efficiency
Together we will maintain what we have and improve where we can.
“I am running for Outagamie County Executive solely to serve the people in this community. There is a dedicated team of employees currently doing this who are looking for leadership which is centered on what is good for the county, its residents and its employees. I am ready to lead by example and I will serve with the singular purpose of doing what’s good and right for Outagamie County. The County Executive position is a full-time job and I look forward to working hard every day with this team. I’m not a politician, and I won’t be seeking higher office because Outagamie County is where I want to be and where I want to make a positive difference. It is time for a change in leadership.”
Kevin Sturn
“I first met Kevin Sturn when we were both elected to the County Board in 2012. His willingness to listen, ask tough questions, work with all sides, and be a problem solver, quickly established Kevin as a leader at the County. Kevin understands the County Executive needs to be an administrator and manager, not a politician. His leadership is needed at the County. He will do what is best for the residents, employees, and taxpayers of Outagamie County. He is the most qualified candidate. I will be voting for Kevin and ask that you do the same.”
Jeff Nooyen, Outagamie County Board Chair
“Kevin Sturn listens to all viewpoints to seek solutions. Serving together on the Finance Committee for four years when he was chair, I learned the depth of his knowledge of county operations. Kevin’s leadership style builds teamwork with greater trust and engagement which produces results. Kevin always cared about what was best for the county, not himself.”
Nadine Miller, Outagamie County Finance Committee Chair
“Kevin Sturn will work hard for ALL the people in the county. He will listen to many points of view and then decide what’s best for the county as a whole.”
Len Nagler
“Kevin understands the County Executive position is a management position and should
not be political.  He is truly willing to listen and ready to work.  During his eight years of
service on the County Board and Finance Committee he has proven he is fiscally
responsible and understands the daily operations of Outagamie County.”
Clint Kriewaldt, Outagamie County Sheriff
“I met Kevin Sturn when he was the chair of the Finance Committee. Kevin asked tough questions but was always fair and respectful in his decisions. Kevin is willing to do the work to improve the services provided by Outagamie County agencies and willing to give staff the tools necessary to do their jobs. Outagamie County needs strong leadership. Please join me in voting for Kevin Sturn for Outagamie County Executive.”
Barb Bocik, Outagamie County Clerk of Courts
Having served as Corporation Counsel under four different County Executives, I wholeheartedly support Kevin for County Executive. He has a deep understanding of Outagamie County’s operations and finances. More importantly he will lead by example through hard work, integrity and a firm commitment to Outagamie County’s residents and employees. He will embody the non-partisan nature of the office and will not treat the position as a place holder for higher office.
– retired Outagamie County Corporation Counsel, Joe Guidote
I first met Kevin when he served as Chair of the Finance Committee on the County Board.  Each department has to present their budgets to that committee.  Kevin took the time to ask questions, truly listened to my concerns and ideas, and provided valuable feedback.  It was evident he truly cared about the employees and about fiscal responsibility.  He has a strong, natural ability to lead and to make people feel valued.  He will do what is best for all the residents of Outagamie County and will be a strong, present, available and responsible leader.
Sarah Van Camp, Outagamie County Register of Deeds
It is my pleasure to support Mr. Kevin Sturn and his campaign for Outagamie County Executive. I have worked with Kevin for 10 years in the Hortonville Area School District. We have collaborated on the education and safety of our young people in the communities we know and love. Kevin cares about the people in our community and will work with all of us to continue to make Outagamie County a great place to raise a family.
Todd Timm-District Administrator
Hortonville Area School District